Thursday, June 23

Rochee is in your pocket!

Hi everyone, I just want to shout out that Rochee is now available as an iPhone app! :D

If you had been curious about the story and want to know what really happened to Rochee, now you can download it into you iPhone to find out! There are some screenshots for your viewing if you go to the link.

I hope you'd like it and you can also email your comments to me if you have them!

Thanks everyone!


  1. Beautiful illustrations, Gavin. And congrats!

  2. Im kust meeting Rochee for the first time! Rochee is cool!

  3. ThiS blOg iS SO FANTASTIC!
    It's such a great idea and in the future I won't look cockroaches the same way (with a mixture of fear and disgust).
    Felicidades y buena suerte!