Saturday, January 21

Rochee goes to Esplanade

Rochee is heading Esplanade this February! It's going to be a fun-filled song and dance production based on the picture book. So get your tickets here!

There will be storytelling sessions to promote the stage production. Follow PLAYtime or Esplanade Presents: PIP's Club for more updates :)

Thursday, June 23

Rochee is in your pocket!

Hi everyone, I just want to shout out that Rochee is now available as an iPhone app! :D

If you had been curious about the story and want to know what really happened to Rochee, now you can download it into you iPhone to find out! There are some screenshots for your viewing if you go to the link.

I hope you'd like it and you can also email your comments to me if you have them!

Thanks everyone!

Monday, November 15

Rochee Now in 3D

Shirley created this Rochee hand puppet for our storytelling session. He made a special appearance in the beginning. :)

Saturday, January 16


We had our storytelling session at Kinokuniya yesterday afternoon. There was also a fun time for the kids to draw their version of Rochee. Here are the lovely drawings done by the kids during the session.

Click on the image for larger view :)

Thursday, January 14

Catch up with Rochee!

I will be reading my book at Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store in Ngee Ann City/Takashimaya Shopping Centre this Saturday, 16 Jan, 2.30pm.

Drop by and say hi!